Beauty for a Cause

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Beauty for a Cause

Beauty for a Cause! October is Breast Cancer Awareness. It is also Domestic Violence Awareness. Both can greatly impact people and their families. So, let’s talk some more about these important topics.

Let’s start with Breast Cancer. Most folks think that only women have Breast Cancer. WRONG! Men can also have Breast Cancer. That being said…..Both men and women need to do monthly breast exams and need to know the facts about Breast Cancer.  In the last year, I had a good friend and a close relative to both pass away from Breast Cancer. Their families lost these individuals way before they should have. Please take the time to learn more about Breast Cancer Signs and Symptoms.

Now, let’s talk about Domestic Violence. It might be hard to believe, but some folks don’t even know that they are living in Domestic Violence. Unfortunately, abuse may be normal for these people. This is not a good normal. It is a bad place to be in, and it can be down right life threatening. In my opinion, everyone shouild be able to live in a situation free of abuse whether it is mental, emotional, and/or physcial. Here again, it is a matter of knowing the Signs of Domestic Violence.

The first step toward recovery and healing is awareness and recogition. It can be scary to step out of denial and into recogntion of your situation. However, I encourage you to be brave and bold. Your life and your children’s lives can be changed for the good when you start on the path to recovery and healing!

For further information on both Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence Awareness, please visit Avon Foudation. You can make a definite difference in your life and your children’s lives!

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After retiring from 30 years of serving as a public educator, Myra Reidy decided to start an encore career. Her love for business and marketing led her to become a sales representative for a major direct selling company. Because she committed to life-long learning, she regularly strives to share this learning with others.