Beauty Tools Are for You!

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Beauty Tools Are For You!

Beauty tools are for you! Now, you may be thinking. “I don’t need any beauty tools! I just use my fingers!” Fingers are good. However, the right tools can make for a more finished look! Let’s talk more!

When I started using makeup many, many moons ago, I used my fingers and then cotton balls and swabs. As I learned more about makeup and its application, I discovered brushes and sponges. Well, needless to say, I am presently addicted to makeup brushes and sponges.

Half the battle is knowing which tool to use for what purpose. It can be a little confusing. Yet, we just have to start with the end in mind.  Ask yourself,”What am I trying to accomplish with this tool?” This question helps to clarify the kind of tool that you need.

When starting out, I would recommend that you purchase the brushes that you will use daily. For instance, most people will use the following brushes: foundation, eyeshadow, and powder. So, this is where I would begin with the beauty tools. If you wanted to add  concealer, blush, and brow brushes, then  I would as long as you are going to be using them frequently. If you use a bronzer, then a Kabuki Brush is an awesome tool to use.

Once you get begin using makeup tools, you will want to use them all of the time. These days, I am not a fan of using my fingers for my makeup application. I get a more finished look with my beauty tools.

With a little thought, you can easily decide which tool is right for the job!

If you have questions, please feel free to leave them below.

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