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Fall is on its way! Don’t you just love the cooler mornings and the colorful autumn leaves! It is the perfect time to take a  peep  at your wardrobe with a new eye. What can you do to add a little pop or color to your look? Fall Fashions are HERE!

Fall Trends

Fall Trends are coming for rich colors and prints!

  • Animals Prints in Brown, Black, and Off-White
  • Floral Prints in Brown and Plum Hues
  • Multi-Color Fabrics
  • Rich Fall Colors: Hunter Green, Plums, Browns, Eggplant, Golden Yellow, Royal Blue, and Black.
  • Bell Shaped and Fluttery Sleeves
  • Gold Metal Details
  • Lacy Up Pumps
  • Jazzy Loafers
  • Basket Weave Peep-Toe Booties
  • Gold and Silver Jewelry (still popular)
  • Antique-Vintage Jewelry (still popular)

This is just a few of the trends that we will see this fall! Keep an eagle eye out for more fall fashions in the upcoming weeks. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

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