Summer Biz Success Starts Here

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Summer Biz Success Starts Here

Summer biz success starts here with you! As a business owner, it is up to you  to keep  your biz rolling on through the warm months. Yes, people go on vacations and out of town. Yet, as a business owner, you can still grow and develop your  biz.

As a Beauty Boss, we really should always be prepared to share our biz with people every chance we have. Of course, it does take some preparations, but it does pay off in the long run.

The whole idea is to create  on-the-go beauty packets. Make up packets with brochures and samples to share on the go. This way you are always ready for that wonderful opportunity to meet and greet new clients.

Some other winning tips are listed below.

  1. Interact with your customers  face to face, online, phone, email, text, etc. How does  your customers interact with you?  Follow their lead. The way that they communicate with you is the mode that you use to  interact with them.
  2. Share your product samples so that clients can experience the product before they buy. That lipstick might look good in the tube but not so  good on the lips!
  3. Win client loyalty by offering awesome customer service. Go out of the way for your clients. They will appreciate your time and attention.
  4. Be sure to use your biz’s online tools such as the estore, blog, and social media marketing.

Summer business success just takes a little time and preparation. However, your time will be greatly rewarded with more customers and sales! Plus, you will have the added benefit of new people and potential friends in your life and biz!

I hope that you found that this article to be of value. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Have a great day!

Myra Reidy

Text: 470-588-5622


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After retiring from 30 years of serving as a public educator, Myra Reidy decided to start an encore career. Her love for business and marketing led her to become a sales representative for a major direct selling company. Because she committed to life-long learning, she regularly strives to share this learning with others.